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David Bright


Hi. I’m David. Forty something, and married to the Boss, Dawn. After nigh on thirty years in big Blue Chip companies - BT, Barclays & Barclaycard - now is the time to go it alone. Over twenty of the thirty years have been in Marketing, Strategy and Commercial Management, working in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, and South Korea.


At heart I’m a Marketer, driven by the demands of customers and markets. But along the way I seem to have ventured into strategy development, business development and corporate communications. And as a Board Member and Executive Committee member for the Barclays operation in Scandinavia, I’ve been closely involved in all the HR, Operations and Finance bits too.


The formal bit of my business education came from the fantastic London Business School, where I am a Sloan Fellow and earned an MSc. in Leadership & Strategy.


Most importantly, I’m Dad to Alexandra & William, a lifelong Chelsea fan, and am still trying to improve my tennis and photography skills.


If you want to see my full CV, and what some of my past colleagues and business partners have said about me, please click on the link below to my public profile on LinkedIn.



Dawn Bright


Hello. I’m Dawn. Also forty-something (importantly, one less than David) and married to the other Boss. My CV is a bit less packed than his, due to the important task of raising the family.


But I didn’t let the grass grow - after managerial roles in Customer Service & Training in BT I ran Business Enterprise courses for the LEA in Surrey and Warwickshire, then with my own educational training business, Entirely Enterprise.


Along the way I picked up qualifications in Education and then Humanities.


If he is the strategic one, I’m the creative one. He’s the thinker, I’m the doer. He’s the introvert and I’m the extrovert. Coming up with the ideas and then doing something about them. Together, we think we can cover all the bases.


When this isn’t taking my time, I’m still Mum, although at 17 and 13 they demand different things from me. I love to walk the glorious Atlantic Cornish Coast, giving me inspiration for my developing skills in photography and painting.



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